Will my child be academically challenged and prepared for elementary school?

Yes! Early childhood educational excellence is the Forrestal Academy vision and we strive to foster a love of learning while preparing the children for a smooth and successful transition into elementary school. Our teachers have a profound interest in your child’s success and confidence they gain in all that they do here at Forrestal Academy. On their exciting and fun-filled educational journey here, the children will also gain essential life skills, character-development, be introduced to music, art, international languages and so much more, growing with every experience. That is why we passionately say “Come Grow with Us!”

What Management Operating Model does Forrestal Academy utilize?

Forrestal Academy has the benefits of both an Owner/Operator model coupled with an Educational Director on site to ensure all areas of focus for the Academy have Leadership in place, and all our families are individually attended to.

What would a typical day be like for my child?

A typical day at The Forrestal Academy depends on a myriad of inputs, from your child’s age, academic success, time of the year, week and even day as our Teachers and Educational Director has a bounty of themes, activities, learning event, surprises and celebrations! Daily and weekly schedules will be available for you and posted by your child’s room to review, connect with and support. The daily schedule will provide you with detailed information regarding your child’s daily routine.

Primarily your child will have the daily staples such as regular and nutritious meals and snacks, hand washing, potty times and of course more hand washing, educational lessons and extra curricula experiences, outdoor time and nap time. Many additional activities will be regularly integrated and customized to your child and ability. Your child will experience thoughtful scheduling and a healthy balance between learning activities, rest, nutrition and play.

What is the faculty to children ratio?

The ratio of faculty to children is age and State specific. At Forrestal Academy, we are committed to following the designated state ratios as a minimum, but know the educational value of smaller class sizes and so we limit class sizes to below the maximum capacity.   Additionally, Forrestal Academy employs Associate Teachers and additional support staff to assist Lead Teachers in the classrooms, in our playgrounds, Forrestal Café and with the extracurricular activities often planned.  This can further lower the ratios at many times throughout the day.

What type of background checks do you do before hiring staff?

The Forrestal Academy Administrators require a great deal from prospective new staff and follow a stringent policy on hiring people to our team. In addition to the required full criminal background check that is performed, work-related and personal references are required and verified, as is their education transcripts and certifications.  All new staff considered for a potential opportunity to join the Forrestal Team is also personally interviewed and assessed by the Owner/Operator and the Educational Director of Forrestal Academy.

What will Forrestal Academy do to retain such talented people?

Forrestal Academy has several incentive compensation approaches and benefits because in order to attract and retain top talent and people with a passion for excellence, a fitting compensation plan must be afforded.

What type of education and training do the Forrestal Academy teachers have?

Forrestal Academy attracts hires and retains people who are passionate about early childhood educational excellence. We have rigorous in-house interviewing and role-testing approaches to better assess and determine if a candidate will be an ideal fit for our culture, philosophy and ideals. Equally critical is the education, experience and motivation each candidate has. We go to great lengths to hire teachers that meet and exceed all state and local requirements, but they must meet even more stringent guidelines set forth by Forrestal Academy Leadership. We look to ensure that every staff member has the credentials, people skills and spirit needed to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for your child.

Lead Teachers are required to have a college degree and specific coursework in Early Childhood Education. Assistant Teachers are encouraged to have their CDA, as well as previous related working experience, formal education and certifications in related fields of study.

As we promulgate to foster life-long learners, Forrestal Academy continues this goal by requiring all of our employees to complete continuing education courses annually, participate in regular in-house training and process improvement meetings and maintain in good standing, all required safety and health certifications.


What general safety measures does Forrestal Academy take?

Forrestal Academy promotes safety as being paramount and all staff adheres to stringent policies and guidelines to ensure the safety of our children, the design of our academy and the campus. Safety and security measures include, but are not limited to; safety considerations that have been built into our state-of-the-art campus and building design which includes a fully sprinkle-installed floor plan, a fire alarm system and security system. The Fire Marshal performs an annual inspection to ensure that the sprinkler system, fire alarms and fire extinguishers are all functioning properly. Forrestal Academy also performs monthly fire drills.

There are plenty of secure exits and a protective fencing around custom designed playground areas, a floor plan with numerous viewing windows into classroom and from the classrooms to the beautiful outdoors. Secure IP internet cameras and closed circuit monitoring is available and additionally monitored by our administrative team.

The Corporate Park POA provides ed our campus with regular security patrol as part of their routine amenities to POA members.

Can I visit my child at the center anytime I’d like to?

Yes of course! Forrestal Academy has an open door policy.  You are encouraged to visit your child at any time.

How do parents, visitors and faculty gain access to Forrestal Academy?

In order to gain entry into the building, parents and staff will be quickly set up to gain access from our secure vestibule via a biometric device (finger-scan). An additional layer of security awaits parents and staff once inside the Forrestal Lobby, as they again place their finger on a scan device to access their child drop off/pick up screen and be able to view customized messages via our simple-to-use touch screen monitors. Parents can also view detailed account information with a few simple taps on the touch screens.

How should I dress my child?

Children should wear comfortable, neat play clothes and dress as the weather dictates. Having a change of clothing, light jacket and season/activity attire available in their cubby is also recommended.


What type of footwear should I select?

Sneakers are the safest and most comfortable footwear for active children, so we ask that the children do not wear unfitted, open-toed or backless shoes or sandals to school. There are many options for closed-toed, fitted sandals that offer warmer weather alternatives.  For water days, children should have a separate pair of closed-toed water shoes or closed-toed, fitted sandals as their feet will likely get wet.