Mission and Values

Our Forrestal Academy Mission is to be your FIRST choice in early childhood educational excellence! 

Our people, culture, values, and services collectively create the premier private school experience where our safe, nurturing environment is the ideal starting point of your child’s educational journey.

At Forrestal Academy We Value:

  •       Integrity in all that we do
  •       Safety…because it is paramount
  •       Health and proactive wellness
  •       Teamwork, as sharing is always better
  •       Engaged, talented and attentive staff
  •       Excellence, accountability and leadership
  •       Fun-filled days of learning and laughter
  •       Passion for continuous improvement and life-long learners
  •       Moral and social responsibility, shaping the World to be a better place
  •       Compassion –  because none of us are perfect
  •       Random acts of kindness – you already know why
  •       Inclusion, diversity and equality
  •       Work/life balance…cause all work is no life
  •       Respect, good sportsmanship and fair play
  •       Learning in everything we do, and sharing a little along the way