Our Staff

Forrestal Academy takes great pride in our entire team; our Teachers, Directors, Chef, Administration, Leadership and Support Staff. We go to great lengths to ensure that our entire team is a cohesive, educated and enthusiastic group of exceptional people. Each member has a true passion for what they do and is a respected and valued part of the Forrestal team. Our Leadership, teamwork, facility, campus, and overarching philosophy are all a part of the Forrestal Academy experience…but it is our people that we are especially proud of!

Our degreed and highly qualified teachers are carefully selected based on many criteria including; their education, previous teaching experience, their passion for the work they do with children and ability to effectively communicate and partner with each parent. All of our teachers meet and exceed the qualifications set by the state, in addition to completing extensive training and orientation programs specific to Forrestal Academy.

By utilizing our Talent Selection Process, candidates are thoroughly assessed on their educational qualifications, professionalism, references and how dynamic they are as individuals.  Their good character and enthusiasm must shine through to be apart of the Forrestal Family.

We know that talented, educated people require more than just incentive compensation; and often look for ongoing Leadership, training, operational excellence, support from management and peers as well as the tools to assist them in doing the best at what they love to do.  At Forrestal, we offer that to our team and we treat them with respect, praise and award them for the important role they play in supporting Forrestal’s Vision and Mission.

At Forrestal Academy, we develop, train and support the “total teacher”. These are the special individuals who choose the early childhood profession and possess a strong, positive curiosity about life, learning and ways that they can impart such knowledge and wonder to the little ones around them.