International Languages


It’s a small world, and Forrestal Academy wants to help your child succeed in the future by enriching your child’s learning with a bilingual education. Our Spanish International Language lessons are created to be age-appropriate and hands-on activities for preschoolers and school age children in our Forrestal F.A.S.T. and Forrestal Summer ACE Programs. The lessons are organized by topics familiar to the child, such as colors, animals, numbers, clothing, food, and family. Through active involvement and playful activities, children hear, see and speak the Spanish while learning about cultural elements and world concepts. Lessons will include games, puzzles, songs, chants and writing activities. Your child will be thrilled to begin learning the foundation of a second language. Our “Forrestal Friends Around-the-World” will continue to broaden your child’s exposure to a variety of languages, cultures and regions as the Forrestal Friends visit different parts of the world and share their adventures and findings.