Early Preschool


There are many ways to describe two year olds, but “independent” is clearly on target for these eager explorers! While they continue their curious exploration of the world around them, they may be showing additional enthusiasm to doing many things on their own. Our trained and experienced teachers provide the right blend of supervised freedom with appropriate guidance to support the children in their plight for independence.

As early preschoolers mimic their parents, teachers and peers, independence emerges and allows their confidence to soar! Their environmental recognition, ability to question, reasoning skills all give our teachers ample opportunities to nurture your child’s growing understanding of the world around them.

Your early preschooler will enjoy learning experiences that promote more than just their thriving independence as we continue to expand upon the foundations (introduced earlier within the Toddler program) to further their social skills, foster self-confidence and continue their educational journey. Accomplishing basic tasks such as locating their locker/cubby and hanging up their jacket, placing a cup and dish on the table for each guest at a tea party and washing their hands at the sink are all skills that will be met by our teachers with praise, an assuring smile and affirmation for your child’s accomplishments. Expressions of positive reinforcement support self-confidence and your child’s willingness to stretch to the next big goal!

Learning centers stocked full of learning toys, tablets, electronic readers and books, blocks and puzzles, books, costumes and puppets to encourage dramatic play and character development are set up in the classrooms to be accessed by all. Additional enrichment programs offer music appreciation, yoga and fitness, introductory technology devices that support learning and discovery.

Our two year olds have the ability to work at their own pace and safely learn to do tasks independently and appropriately as every child will hit their individual goals, at slightly different times. Part of the role our teachers take on is to ensure that your child is continuously challenged and their goals progressively expand. This is accomplished through impeccable tracking, metrics, regular assessment and continuously added new goals to your child’s personal progress portfolio, known as the “Forrestal Folio”.  (You will learn more about the benefits and value of your child’s Forrestal Folio during your parent intake).

Through sound planning, an accredited curriculum and effectively executed teaching practices, our early preschool classes are happily engaged in appropriate and meaningful learning activities. Our well-designed learning environments allow for continued exploration and discovery, providing key opportunities for our experienced teachers to expand upon your child’s overall education.

Overall, our Early Preschool programs are designed to meet the special needs of maturing two year olds and prepare them to successfully transition to all the wonder and excitement that awaits them along their continuing Forrestal Academy journey!