Our caregivers work closely with parents as partners, and take the time to understand each child’s own personal care, nutritional guidelines and unique schedule to ensure that their physical and emotional needs will be consistently and affectionately met.

Our infant caregivers will tend to your baby in every way, providing the tender, nurturing, secure and loved feeling you want for your happy baby. Talking, smiling, singing to your baby throughout the day of exploring and discovery will comfort them while introducing them to language and conversation. Our caregivers have studied baby sign language too, which further provides communication and language enrichment while alleviating anxiety most often experienced by  infants when they cannot get their needs met.

Our nursery is a truly nurturing environment filled with a myriad of stimulating objects developmentally-appropriate practices and opportunities for your little one to interact with, observe and explore. Forrestal Academy nurseries were designed with the most stringent safety, security and wellness of the children in mind.

Our caregivers will encourage and teach you baby, provide consistency, security and instill confidence so your baby can follow the natural curiosity that allows progressive development of both their minds and tiny bodies.  You will have a full accounting of your baby’s daily experiences recorded and provided to you every day.

Yoga for babies is also part of the Forrestal Fitness and Healthier Living Plans. Studies have shown that infants who participate in yoga exercises daily have improved sleeping patterns and better digestion, including reduced gas issues. Additionally, we love our tummy time, and the chance to support your baby’s self-discovery, motor skills and capabilities to roll over, pull up and crawl.  We do all of this in an immaculately clean and fresh environment that includes hospital/medical grade antimicrobial surfaces. Our cleanliness standards exceed those of both local and state guidelines. Exceptional hygiene practices are followed, with additional measures taken during feeding, changing and maintaining your baby’s crib.

Well thought out and scheduled programs fill the days of these busy little babies, as the wonder and curiosity in their sweet faces must be met! This includes taking advantage of our beautiful campus, as our caregivers will stroll your child through our own nature-inspired trail within our Forrestal Forest, sharing stories and song while they roll along. Additional time outdoors is spent in our infant-only, shaded play area, offering freedom for very young children to safely move and explore while boosting cognitive and motor skills. And when your baby needs to recharge and rest, our caregivers pamper and prepare each infant for some sweet dreams during nap time. Forrestal caregivers follow the sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics in addition to the policies and SOPs of the Forrestal Academy. Rest assured, there is no better place, if not with you, than with your child’s extended family at Forrestal.