Our Pre-kindergarten teachers nurture and challenge your child’s emerging reading, writing, science and math skills while integrating a wealth of enrichment programs. Your child will eagerly make friends and participate in fun-filled physical and creative activities that will yield self-confidence, respect for self and others while being prepared for success in Kindergarten. 

Pre-K teachers will follow a strong, academic focused curriculum that will include language arts, writing skills, math concepts and reasoning. Our Pre-K classes are introduced to our International Language program which incorporates a foreign language into the delivery of daily curriculum. By integrating technology into our Pre-K curriculum, teachers have both powerful tools to support and deliver their lessons as well as devices such as tablets, computers and educational electronics for your child to learn on.

We introduce an array of mathematical concepts and logistics to promote your child’s problem solving, creative thinking, planning skills and even concepts of physics. Additionally, your child will be taught a variety of practices in comparing, classifying and measuring and will be introduced to the concept of time, use of a number line and be introduced to sequencing. Dress up, imaginary and physical representation of settings, narratives and sentences read in repetition allow for the emergence of storytelling. Your child will be immersed in a myriad of learning objectives that will seem only like playful games and social fun.

Our Teachers will encouraged your child to; follow directions, support anticipated outcomes, begin to perform simple experiments, learn about the sciences, and even begin charting the daily weather. Pre-K classes are eager to participate in our; nature excursions, dinosaur digs, horticulture and recycling programs that take place within our Forrestal Forest and across our beautiful campus. Our outdoor Pre-K activities continue to promote improved balance, coordination and physical fitness. Engaging games, fun-filled social interactions and directed activities will collectively support skills such as good character building, team collaboration, and health awareness.

Each day, of every week, while your child’s heart fills with joy, their minds become chockfull of wonderful experiences and their love of learning continues to soar! They are educated, loved, guided and well prepared to succeed in Kindergarten. You will share in their amazing accomplishments, see their progress and realize Kindergarten Readiness at Forrestal Academy has exceeded all of your expectations!