At this stage children are ready to expand their horizons, and our highly experienced and certified teachers will encourage them to learn and explore, while helping them make sense of all their new encounters. Preschoolers are more secure and ready for a higher level of challenge. Our well-rounded Preschool program supports these strides and enables their continued growth and success.

Your child will find self-expression and creativity through dramatic play, art, music and other planned activities. Musical concepts are introduced through songs, rhythms, instruments and group instructed ensembles and are always an exciting time full of sounds and smiles!

In our Preschool program, your child will be introduced to more routine and structured activities and daily scheduling. Your child will build vocabulary, learn numerical skills, and engage in a variety of age-appropriate daily activities to continue fostering good character development, social skills and educational concepts and content.

There exciting days are filled with components from their curriculum and daily planning including; learning about nature, science, healthy habits, good citizenship and participate in daily fitness and family style dining with good nutritional awareness, and building confidence, self-awareness and friendships. Our beautiful campus full of green space and age-appropriate play areas will surely please any three year old child while providing healthy opportunities for teachers to continue your child’s education and exploration through a nature-inspired theme.

Our teachers will work to develop children independently, as well as within small group learning circles and will use multiple forms of ongoing assessment to evaluate your child’s progression and performance. Such assessments and metrics will be used to better address the independent needs of your child, identify gaps, their progress and areas of successful achievement. Your child’s progress will be captured in our electronic Forrestal Folio, and shared with you regularly. Sharing and communicating with you is part of our commitment to partner with you and provide transparency. You are provided detailed information specific to your child, the overall direction, along with programs that and goals that are planned for your child’s class. Forrestal Academy days are filled with campus activities, enrichment programs (e.g. music, technology, health, nutrition, dance) and so much more!

As part of our growing Forrestal Family, we want to ensure your family is connected to our wonderful teachers and administrative staff. To support that goal, we provide you with our Forrestal Families Online portal that will provide family-friendly resources, social media avenues and family-inclusive events throughout the year to continue our collaborative efforts and to make it easy for your family to join in on your child’s fun and learning!

There are giggles galore, lots to explore and so much to do and learn in our Preschool program that you will quickly see the differences that we are so proud of at Forrestal Academy.