With encouragement and under the watchful, caring eyes of our toddler teachers, toddlers can do what they do best – explore the world around them!

The curriculum for our Toddlers is based on creating a unique daily experience for each child and includes both child-initiated and teacher-directed play. We build on skills learned in the infant program and provide the safe and happy environment for toddlers to become more independent. Classrooms are set up into learning centers that allow toddlers to explore areas that are of interest to them as concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are also introduced. In the safe, stable and caring environment created by our teachers, your toddler will gain a sense of trust and confidence thereby paving the way to accept concepts in character development. Character counts at Forrestal Academy, and supporting a child’s conceptual development of generosity, friendship and fair play sets the groundwork for encouraging good social and environmental responsibility.

Toddler teachers read to your child and bring concepts of cause-and-effect to life through storytelling. Word games, teacher directed activities and application of the toddler curriculum set the stage for your child to evolve good listening skills, follow simple direction, begin building vocabulary and language through interactive reading, and learning though imitation, sensory exploration and dramatic play. Opportunities to identify basic colors and shapes; practice sorting and matching, even counting all continue to build a foundation for future understanding of math concepts and problem solving.

Children learn best through hands-on experiences, so each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help toddlers develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially. Our toddler teachers provide a perfect balance of nurturing, playtime, and learning so that while  your toddler will be all smiles engaged in “play” our teachers will be supporting and observing your child demonstrating building concepts and broadening their individual creativity.

Our outdoor activities are a combination of “nature meets nurture” awaiting your toddler! Our beautiful campus full of green space and age-appropriate play areas will surely please any toddler, and provide healthy opportunities for toddler teachers to begin introducing education and exploration through a nature-inspired theme.  Children will expand their healthy reach through; fun fitness (to keep them moving), kids yoga (which maintains their flexibility and fosters skills like balancing, throwing and jumping) and they will gain awareness of healthy foods through our balanced, nutritious meals and snacks. Promoting self-care skills such as feeding, washing and dressing gives children a sense of accomplishment and independence that is always followed by our teachers acknowledging such fine merit with both positive praise and an abundance of assuring smiles.

Through our Forrestal Families Online, via teacher/parent meetings, daily experience sheets, progress portfolios, calls and day to day interaction,  Forrestal teachers make time to communicate with you and share all the glorious goals, games, learning and fun your delighted toddler has experienced with his Forrestal Friends!